People blog for many reasons: to inform, amuse, advise, pontificate (what a great word—sounds like what it means), but in general, people blog to share their life experiences. And that is what I intend to do here—share my writer’s journey, and, on occasion, the journey of my daily life, because writers, like all people, must live life daily and sometimes it will feel good to rant about that.

When I have struggled with my writing, the support and encouragement from other writers has kept me sane, and kept me writing. I hope to do the same here by sharing how I deal with my struggles with the writing itself, the business of writing, the attendant roller coaster of euphoria (Best prose ever!) and despair (Worst prose ever!). The idea that maybe I can bring some comfort and community to writers, as others have done for me, inspired me to want to blog.

As the ending of one thing is also the beginning of something else, I celebrated my finished website in my last post (I HAVE A WEBSITE!), and now embrace the challenge of keeping up with blog posts. For myself, maintaining this blog will keep me accountable to my website, and writing consistently to a deadline, even a self-imposed one, will make me a more disciplined and productive writer.

For you, my reader, I hope this blog will be encouraging, illuminating, and at least slightly entertaining.

Do you blog? If so, what inspires you to do so? Is it personally gratifying or just part of your job description? Love to hear from you in the comments.