I restarted my blog in May and with December’s blog, I’ve met my goal of blogging at least once a month. I almost didn’t reach that goal. I’m tired and considered not blogging this month. I’m tired and considered just posting a picture captioned with Happy Holidays! But that didn’t feel right, or good.

I’m tired. And I wanted to write a blog this month.

I’m tired because of the low light this time of year, because I don’t get outside and exercise enough, because I don’t often sleep well. I’m tired because the state of our planet and our humanity is exhausting.

I wanted to write a blog this month, and I wasn’t sure what to say.

In talking with two writer friends about whether I would write this blog, about being tired, about what was happening with my writing lately, I discovered I not only had something to say, I had enough energy to do so. Receiving their empathy gave me that energy.

Last week I worked on cutting down an essay from 317 words to 250 or less, which is the word limit for a dream publication, Riverteeth’s “Beautiful Things.” I was stuck around 300 words. I spent two hours seeking a smaller shape for the piece and I couldn’t find it. Perhaps I needed to look for a journal with a higher word count, but that was not the solution I wanted. I was disappointed and I walked away.

Later that day something drew me back to that short essay. I focused on the central essence of the story, the push that made me want to write about this moment to begin with, and I stayed with that moment and I wrote a complete essay that is currently at 248 words. I am, I told myself, a f*@#ing rock star. Tired and walking away from the work. Tired and returning to the work.

Here’s to writer friends, and here’s to you sharing this writing journey with me. Thank you and Happy Holidays.


  1. Nancy Anne Adair

    You inspire me. I know I need a platform and a website. I stopped my blog during Covid–I’m sure you can remember why. I used Covid as my excuse, though my angst was much deeper than that. Now Covid is gone and I have no excuse. And so I have to restart the blog. Put my butt in the chair and just do it.

    • Laura Rink

      Thanks, Nancy. Yes I remember. Big hugs to you. It was harder for me to blog when I felt I had to do it for “platform,” and easier now that I have things I want to share, in a format that works for blogs versus pursuing publication. You are a wonderful blogger. I hope you find you’re way to it again.

  2. Elizabeth F

    Merry Christmas dear friend. Yes, many things in the world right now just simply make one tired. That’s for sure.

    • Laura Rink

      Thanks for reading, dear friend.

  3. Frances Howard-Snyder

    Good for you. I want to read that short essay. I know you can’t publish it here but send me an email (or not, if you’d rather not.)
    Great to see your hopeful fierce spirit in these posts. xx

    • Laura Rink

      Thanks, Frances. If I don’t read the essay in our critique group, I’ll send it to you.

    • Jean Waight

      RiverTeeth! Acceptance would be an arrow in Laura’s quiver, for sure! I too would like to read it

      • Laura Rink

        Thanks for reading my blog. I’ll let you know if and where this essay gets published.

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