Wonder, All The Time

Wonder When We’ll Give Peace A Chance


Ukraine and Russia.

Israel and Palestine.

Armenia & Artsakh and Azerbaijan & Turkey.


Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, . . . United States.


How to replace hate with empathy?

How to halt bombs and advancing armies by other than the same?

How to transform greed into generosity, or at least moderation?


I wonder.


  1. Donna Mason

    Good question. How do we get a better education for people when so many don’t want to pay one more cent and, in fact, want to take away funding.

    • Laura Rink

      Yep. Another good question.

  2. Victoria Doerper

    Thanks for writing this. Well said, Laura!

    • Laura Rink

      Thank you, Victoria!

  3. Rebecca Cutler

    This goes right to the heart and then the brain says,”Yes, when?”

    • Laura Rink

      Rebecca, thanks for your comment!


    You’ve stated in a succinct and sensitive way the current and continuing perpetuation of hate and warfare. You’ve posed questions that should perplex everyone of us. Thank you for your clarity of expression.

    • Laura Rink

      Thank you for reading, Linda!

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